LATRA made a statement on Up-country bus & Daladala fares

LATRA made a statement on Up-country bus & Daladala fares

Following the consistent soaring of the oil prices in the last few months, the transportation stakeholders have recommended new fares that cope with the situation. LATRA had rejected their proposal to increase transportation fares, insisting on continuing the current fare.

LATRA’s acting deputy, Mr Ngowi, gave reasons for LATRA’s rejection to increase transportation fares, saying that among regions, Kigoma has the highest petroleum price of TZS, 2,936/- per litre, contrary to Dar es Salaam which is 2,783/- per litre insisting that should not be the reason to increase of bus fare.

“The proposed rate from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza is 36.84 per cent (average increase of Sh21,000) and Dar es Salaam to Singida is 54.84 per cent of current fares,” said Ngowi.

Ngowi said in the current situation with the company submitting a fare increase application, they have not been able to charge the LATRA approved fare rate so far.

“Happy Nation company’s argument from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza that 1,129 km, in 2013 the last reviews for bus fares were made, the current fare is TZS 53.22 per kilometre (equivalent to TZS 60,085 for Dar es Salaam to Mwanza) while the proposed fare it is TZS 72.83 per kilometre which is equivalent to TZS 82,225 per new fare from Dar to Mwanza which is a distance of 1,129 km,” said Ngowi.

LATRA has remained firm that, despite the increase in oil price, but recommended the transportation fare in Dar es Salaam and up-country buses should remain the same.