Makonda under TAKUKURU lenses

Makonda under TAKUKURU lenses

Following the heated strife between the GSM boss, Mr Gharib and the former Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Paul Makonda over the plot located at Regent Estate at Kinondoni district in Dar es Salaam, the government has decided to take the matter at hand.

Alex Mgongolwa, Mr Gharib’s lawyer, took the press last week to claim the validity of his client’s ownership of the property, challenging Makonda to submit credentials that support his claims. Unfortunately, Makonda has not submitted any document or any piece of paper to justify his ownership.

The head of Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Salum Hamduni, said they are now investigating the matter and asked everyone to stay calm. Mr Hamduni added although they have too heard the feud through social media, but they feel that there is work to be done. 

When asked, Dar es Salaam, land commissioner Idrisa Kayera said he could not disclose any information as the case is currently and the government’s investigation. 

As far as he could tell, Mr Kayera admitted Mr Gharib to have reported the loss of his title deed, then his office issued to him another one to Mr. Gharib.

“After the loss of title deed is reported, the law requires the owner to report the incidence and submit it to the regular newspaper to be published; GSM completed all these procedures”,- Said Kayera.

“As for now, it is hard for us to tell who the land’s legal owner is. Let authorities investigate” – Kayera added.