US approves gas flow to Europe to reduce dependence on Russia. 

US approves gas flow to Europe to reduce dependence on Russia. 

The US Department of Energy (DOE) said it had issued approvals for additional exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from two major facilities on the US Gulf Coast. The decision aims to help Europe deal with the energy crunch, which the Russia-Ukraine conflict has worsened.

According to the DOE, around 720 million cubic feet of supercooled fuel per day will be exported from the Sabine Pass (Louisiana) and Corpus Christi (Texas) terminals to countries that do not have free trade agreements with the US, including all of Europe.

Every operating US LNG export project has the approval to export at full capacity to any country, where not prohibited by US law or policy.

“US LNG remains an important component to global energy security, and DOE remains committed to finding ways to help our allies and trading partners with the energy supplies they need while working to mitigate the impact of climate change,” the energy department said.

Europe relies heavily on Russia, which provides up to 40% of natural gas to the continent. Soaring natural gas prices have triggered an energy crisis in Europe, which plans to wean off Russian dependency by two-thirds this year.

Source: RT