“We have caught suspects who recorded Prof. Jay in ICU” – Insp. Muliro

“We have caught suspects who recorded Prof. Jay in ICU” – Insp. Muliro

Last week, Mange Kimambi, an online social media activist who lives in the United States of America, brought an untimely frenzy on social media when she shared a video of a former Mikumi MP, a Tanzanian Hip Hop legend, Joseph Haule, known for his stage name Profesa Jay, fighting for his life at Muhimbili national hospital intensive care unit (ICU).

The clip stormed social media with a barrage of posts condemning Mange Kimambi’s act and blaming the Muhimbili national hospital for recklessness to allow such immoral incidence to occur despite the available maximum security. 

The hospital released a press providing no detail of who was responsible for leaking the video but condemned the behaviour and vowed to unleash an immediate serious investigation over the incidence.

Today, March 17, 2022, Dar es Salaam special zone commander Muliro Jumanne Muliro took press and confirmed to have apprehended people who allegedly shot videos of Profesa Jay while in ICU. Muliro said the success was due to robust cooperation with the Tanzania Communication and Regulatory authority (TRCA)

Police caught Samuel Muhina (31), a primary suspect, is a director of an independent online media known as New Turn Connection, according to the police press release. Samuel lives in Temeke, and after gone a thorough police inspection, they found on him spying tools such as cameras, mics, spy pens, spying glasses and spying hats.  

Besides Mr Samuel, 13 others were caught along the process, accused of disseminating the video across social media, which is also against the law.