Meet Melanesians, the only world’s black blonde

Meet Melanesians, the only world’s black blonde

Most of us know that white people and the Caucasians are the only race producing blondes. At our very unbeknownst, we have no idea that there is a group of dark skin people that also possess blonde hair known as Melanesians.

Jules Dumont D’Urville first coined the term “Melanesia” in 1832 for a particular group of islands distinct from Micronesia and Polynesia. Melanesians are indigenous inhabitants of Melanesia, a group of Islands located in the northeast area of Australia.

Other countries like Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and the Solomon Islands are found within the Melanesian Island.

Over the years, there has been a discussion on how these people got their blonde hair. Some scientists ascribe it to be the flow of genes from the European traders and explorers who visited them in the past.

Melanesians themselves negate that assumption that their blonde is due to their constant exposure to the sun and rich fish diet.

Every suggestion and proof to link their blonde foreign influence is vehemently debunked.

Research has revealed that Melanesians blond possesses a peculiar and unique variant absent in the European blonde.

The result concurs with other genetic studies confirmed that the islanders, who are very dark-skinned, contains a homegrown gene that makes their blonde hair quite different from that of Europeans.

Research from Standard University School of Medicine has also added that blonde har’s human characteristics seem to have arisen independently in Oceania.

The indigenous Melanesian people practised cannibalism, head-hunting, kidnapping, and slavery until recently. The population is now predominantly Christian with contact with Europeans. However, more than 90% lead rural lives.