Mwigulu hails President Samia’s hard working spirit

Mwigulu hails President Samia’s hard working spirit

In her latest visits to France, Belgium and the UAE, President Samia Suluhu took on board some key cabinet ministers like the Ministry of Finance and Planning Hon Mwigulu Nchemba, the minister of energy Hon. January Makamba and Hon Hussein Bashe, the minister of Agriculture.

Speaking before the press today, on March 2, 2022, Hon Mwigulu Nchemba disclosed the significant achievements Tanzania has attained in the latest few errands President Samia has done.

“I was with the President in all those countries she visited, I don’t recall the day we had time for launch, she has a hectic schedule, and she does everything with her heart for the interests of her country”. – Mwingulu Nchemba spoke about his experience of working with President Samia.

“We consistently went to sleep late and wake up early the next day, and even sometimes we didn’t sleep if there was something to be accomplished for the interest of the country”. – Mwigulu added.

In the same press, Mwigulu revealed that while in Dubai, they convinced potential investors to come and invest in Tanzania in different available sectors. President Samia’s visit has witnessed the signing of six relief funds to support various development projects in Tanzania.

According to Dr Mwigulu, the cabinet expects to convene on March 4 to moot on the logistics to host the potential investors scheduled to arrive in Tanzania in the next two weeks to look at the available investment opportunities.

The visit to UAE was also an opportunity to encourage foreign investments and promote tourism. The Minister of Investment, Industries and Trade, Dr Ashatu Kijaji said Tanzania was honoured to promote its investment opportunities at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth.

“The light display of our national flag and other attractions on Burj Khalifa is one of the major achievements of Tanzania’s delegation tour to Dubai”, said Dr Kijaji

“The display of our President portrait on Burj Khalifa was the gift to President Samia from the Dubai authority, and the promotion of our attractions will go on for one month. Today, they will, they will display our flag and mount Kilimanjaro again”, added Dr Mwigulu.