Over 100 illegal immigrants arrested in Mbeya

Over 100 illegal immigrants arrested in Mbeya

The Immigration officials in Mbeya, Tanzania have arrested a total of 118 illegal immigrants from numerous countries across the world during the third quarter of the year.

85 of these immigrants are from Malawi while the remaining 33 come from other countries in the world. The immigrants are believed to have used unauthorized routes to enter the country.

The region’s immigration officer, Kigongo Shikile said the arrest came after an operation was conducted in mining areas, bus stops, border areas among other areas exposed to foreigners with some of them working without permits.

Mbeya residents who assist the illegal immigrants are urged to be aware of the implications that could be paused to the country including health and security risks.

“Some of these people could be dangerous as we do not know their real motives or what they come with while some of them could be carriers of infectious diseases,” said Shikile.