President Samia Suluhu’s New Year Speech: A Strategic Embrace of Agriculture for Inclusive Growth.

President Samia Suluhu’s New Year Speech: A Strategic Embrace of Agriculture for Inclusive Growth.

President Samia Suluhu’s New Year address unveils a robust economic strategy with a primary focus on agriculture. The substantial increase in the agricultural budget from TZS 751 billion to TZS 970 billion signifies a determined effort to fortify the backbone of Tanzania’s economy. The expressed goal of achieving a 10% annual growth rate in the agricultural sector by 2030 showcases a long-term vision for sustainable development.

The notable surge in crop production from 17,148,290 tons to 20,402,014 tons is a testament to the effectiveness of these fiscal measures. This surge not only ensures food security but also positions Tanzania as a potential net exporter of agricultural products, contributing to the nation’s economic resilience.

President Samia’s allocation of TZS 116 billion to agencies such as the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) and the Cereals and Mixed Crops Board (CPB) demonstrates a commitment to market invigoration. The procurement of 200,293 tons of crops by NFRA in the initial phase and the initiation of auctions for major crops signify a strategic approach to stabilize prices and ensure fair returns for farmers.

The government’s distribution of 204,818.16 tons of subsidized fertilizer showcases a commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity. The subsidies for strategic crops like cotton, cashew nuts, sunflower, sesame, coffee, and tea further illustrate a comprehensive approach to supporting key sectors.

President Samia’s dedication to including youth and women in the agricultural sector, evidenced by the allocation of 201,241 acres and the initiation of the “Jenga Kesho Iliyo Bora” program, reflects a commitment to inclusive growth. The program not only aims to boost production but also catalyze processing industries, generating employment opportunities for the youth.

In summary, President Samia Suluhu’s economic vision, as articulated in her New Year address, represents a holistic strategy aimed at fortifying the agricultural sector, ensuring food security, and fostering inclusive economic growth. The measures outlined align with a broader vision of a resilient and sustainable economy for Tanzania.