President Samia Suluhu’s New Year Speehh: Powering Progress and Bridging Energy Gaps.

President Samia Suluhu’s New Year Speehh: Powering Progress and Bridging Energy Gaps.

President Samia Suluhu’s update on the energy sector in her New Year address highlights the challenges faced and the strategic measures taken to address the persistent issue of power shortages in Tanzania.

The acknowledgement of a prolonged history of power rationing sets the context for the government’s decisive action in 2017—the initiation of the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project. This ambitious endeavour aims to add 2,115 Megawatts to the national grid, providing a long-term solution to the recurring energy deficit.

The positive news of officially commissioning the first turbine in February 2024 and the second one in March, contributing 470 Megawatts, is a significant milestone. This will help bridge the existing power gap of 300 Megawatts and align with the government’s commitment to delivering tangible results and alleviating the burden on businesses and households.

The simultaneous activation of the Rusumo power plant, adding 27 Megawatts, further contributes to the overall strategy of enhancing energy capacity. President Samia’s assurance that these measures will permanently address the issue of power rationing instils confidence in the government’s ability to provide sustainable solutions.

The broader vision of diversifying energy sources, including investments in gas, solar, and wind energy, underscores a commitment to ensuring energy security and reducing dependency on a single source. This aligns with global trends towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

Shifting focus to rural electrification, the accomplishment of providing electricity to 11,447 villages by November 2023, covering 93% of all villages on the mainland, reflects a commendable effort towards inclusive development. The ongoing work on urban electrification further emphasizes the government’s commitment to enhancing access to electricity across different regions.

In summary, President Samia Suluhu’s address on the energy sector portrays a proactive approach to address current challenges and invest in sustainable solutions, contributing to the overall economic development of Tanzania.