President Samia warns Internal auditors & TAKUKURU’s officials.

President Samia warns Internal auditors & TAKUKURU’s officials.

While wrapping the end of her 4th and final day official tour in the Mara region, President Samia Suluhu Hassan urged residents of the Mara region to look after the Bunda water project.

Speaking at the gathering during an event of laying the foundation stone for the Water sieve construction Project in Bunda, President Samia reminded leaders to put first the interests of their citizens when choosing a place to start a project rather than putting personal gains on the front.

She added that the region’s internal auditors reallocated to avoid embezzlement of funds, and some auditors get comfortable and partake in corrupt activities.

Adding to that, President Samia warned auditors who will be caught in such scandals while pointing the finger at the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB- TAKUKURU).

“TAKUKURU officials are in these areas to fight corruption, do not wait for corruption and embezzlement to happen then you go inspect and report or until the auditor-general goes to a project and gives a report, and then you carry yourself and you go and investigate.

“What do you investigate when the report already says there is money laundering here.

I beg you to do your job at the start of the projects; You follow [the project] step by step to fight to prevent acts of corruption, that is your job,” emphasized President Samia.