Why it is essential to get a renter’s insurance

Why it is essential to get a renter’s insurance

Recently, there have been multiple fire cases in the country, with markets and houses burning down with properties burning to ashes, forcing people to start everything afresh.

Oftentimes, people speak of insurance when it comes to cars or people with fancy houses, forgetting that there are several insurance covers for everyone, even those without a car.

A house burning down could be caused by many reasons like forgetting to switch off a stove or cooker, faulty electrical outlets, and so much more. Both the owner of the place get a loss and the rentee who, due to lack of this informative knowledge, think they are not yet at a stage to get insurance.

There are insurance covers for properties called renter’s or tenant insurance, meaning in case of damages, theft, vandalism or fire burns down the place you are renting along with your belongings, you will get compensated even if the owner will not.

During an interview with a media house, Esther Mwamafupa, Tanzania Insurance Brokers Association Secretary, said;

“The landlord may insure his house, but the tenant has his things if it is a business place or where they live, and they can insure their property.

“Many tenants say I can’t take out insurance cover because the house is not mine. You can get one for your belongings. If the landlord does not want to insure his house, it means that in the event of damage, insurance will not reimburse the house; your belongings will be,” Mwamafupa added.

Recently the Kariakoo Market and Karume burnt down as well as Mbuyuni in Moshi, and many business people were left devastated for the loss they incurred.

It is best to learn how insurance covers work and choose which is best for you according to what you own to avoid starting from scratch once again.