Relationship: Ten signs to consider to know if she is the one.

Relationship: Ten signs to consider to know if she is the one.

Anyway, being the one means that the woman you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with. 

Relationships were not built to be perfect, but the journey with endless ups and downs that takes courageous, confident and strong people to keep on.

Regardless of the time, you have spent together as a couple, you will always experience some rough patches.

If you find yourself sincerely in love, then you often find yourself into arguments with that person, take heart into the fact that agreements and disagreements are normal in any relationship.

Despite that joy the lady brings into your life, there are a couple of signs one should heed to be sure if she is the one or not. How to know if she is The One doesn’t come down to a tick list of items, it comes down to a sense that this is someone who you really could see yourself growing and developing with.

How to know if she is the one – 10 signs to consider

You want to share everything with her.

This doesn’t mean you’re constantly going to spill the contents of your mind to her, but you want to share your thoughts and feelings with her, and she often does the same with you. You don’t want to hold things back when you meet The One.

You see your future with her.

This is probably the giant sign when learning how to know if she is The One. Do you see your future with her? You’re onto something good if you can see yourself together when you’re old and grey!

She supports you through thick and thin.

A strong and supportive woman is the ideal life partner. She will be there for you through whatever life throws at you and always be your biggest cheerleader.

Whenever something happens, she’s the one you want to talk to

Good or bad, whenever something happens in your life, she’s the one you want to reach out to and speak about it. You trust her advice, and she always makes you feel better. How to know if she is the one.

You argue, but you work through it.

Let’s not kid ourselves and say that you will never argue or have disagreements because you will.

However, those arguments don’t last long, and you’re both willing to work through them to solve the problem. There are no grudges and no long periods of the silent treatment.

She makes you want to be better.

This is probably one of the most prominent signs you’ve met The One. Being with her makes you want to do better and be better for yourself and her. She makes you strive to meet your potential and be the best partner you can be. 

She accepts everything about you, good and bad.

And, of course, you do the same for her. Nobody is perfect, and if she isn’t concerned about your weaknesses and focuses more on your strengths, she’s accepted you entirely. It’s a beautiful feeling.

You’re both willing to apologize when you’re wrong.

When two people aren’t meant for each other, pride often stands in the way. That means if you’re arguing, you’re not going to want to apologize to improve things. If the opposite is true, she’s possibly The One.

Your feelings go beyond sex.

Everything is passionate at the start of a relationship, and it’s all about bedroom time. As the relationship develops, sex is still essential, but it’s not all about that.

Life is better when she is around.

When she is around you, you feel calm and happy. Life is far more enjoyable when she is beside you and you’re doing things together.

You’re partners in everything.

How to know if she is The One? You’re a team, and you do the essential things in life side by side, together, as a solid unit. That means you succeed and fail as one and are always there for one another whenever needed.