Shocking things about ‘Mfalme Zumaridi’

Shocking things about ‘Mfalme Zumaridi’

NIDA (National Identification Authority) knows her as Diana Bundala, but her congregation knows her as ‘Mfalme Zumaridi’ (King Zumaridi). The lady pastor whose weird actions caught the attention of many in Tanzania and the neighbouring countries.

Mfalme Zumaridi was recently arrested and was arraigned yesterday at the Mwanza Resident Magistrate’s Court, facing three charges of human trafficking, physical assault and blocking government authorities from executing their duties.

In a video shared across social platforms, the “so-called” Zumaridi’s servants walking like zombies blocking policemen from searching the house said that the spirit of the angel of war was upon them.

Zumaridi is the Swahili word for ‘Emerald’ why she calls herself that is yet to be discovered. She calls herself God and father; hence she opted for King Zumaridi and not Queen, and her congregation solely believes she is God on earth, including her biological mother.

A video shows her mother exemplifying her daughter as a perfect gift from God since childhood and calling her King and father, as well as apologizing for calling her “my daughter.”

A month ago, during service, Diana performed a miracle by calling what she said was the late Michael Jackson’s spirit upon a young man’s body, and he started dancing to MJ’s songs at the church. Afterwards, she thanked the spirit calling MJ man of God.

“Thank you, man of God. You can now go back to your body,” she said.

As she passes, some of the people from the congregation lay facing down as she steps on their backs while others bow down as a sign of respect.

“Although I do not worship at her church, I live nearby in Iseni; every day we witness believers lying facing down, and she would step on their backs walking towards the altar,” said Rosemary Paulo, a resident of Iseni in Mwanza.

It is said that there are rules for those who attend the church. They must follow all her emotions, including laughing, smiling and even crying whenever she does.

In 2019 Zumaridi’s church was shut down, and last month 2022, she was caught conducting services at home without a licence.