Sudan’s PM abducted by the military

Sudan’s PM abducted by the military

Military forces in Sudan have moved the Interim Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to an unknown location following his refusal to join the coup, the country’s information ministry confirmed.

Hamdok was put under house arrest after an unidentified military force raided his house this morning October 25th, according to the country’s local news network, Al HadathTV.

“After he refused to be a part of the coup, a force from the army detained Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and took him to an unidentified location,” said the information ministry statement.

The military has also arrested other government and civilian officials including Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh, and the governor of Sudan’s capital Khartoum, Ayman Khalid, family sources told Al Jazeera.

The arrest comes after a failed coup attempt that happened last month including an attempt to seize the state media.

Highways and bridges to the official residence of the Prime Minister in Khartoum are now blocked, simultaneously with internet shutdown and State Media house playing Patriotic music. AP New and Reuters report.

Sudan has experienced several military coups ‘coup d’état’ including one in 1989 that removed the country’s last elected government led by president Ahmad Ali Al-Mirghani and put in President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan has not had a president since 2019, following the deposition of al-Bashir.