Tanzania: 5 regions with the highest per capita GDP

Tanzania: 5 regions with the highest per capita GDP

Tanzania’s Gross Domestic Product continues to climb a ladder, according to the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) data released recently showing the country’s economic performance for the quarter ending September 2021.

The document shows regional and Per Capita GDP, with Tanzania’s business city Dar es Salaam topping both lists.

Per Capita GDP is a “financial metric that breaks down a country’s economic output per person,” Investopedia says.

Below is a list of the five regions with the highest per capita GDP and their economic activities.

  1. Dar es Salaam Tsh 4.67M

As the country’s business city, Dar es Salaam is invested in industrial activities, the harbor makes it the best place to conduct marine businesses locally and for landlocked countries, making shipping goods back and forth easier.

Although the city does not have a lot of tourism attractions, sometimes tourists set their feet in Dar es Salaam before departing to their destination, kudos to the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

2. Iringa Tsh 4.02M

Iringa is known for its arable land. You want the best tea, then Iringa is your place. The region’s most economic activities include livestock and cash crops such as tea farms and rice plantations.

There is also lumber production in Iringa. Ask for the best place to get wood for furniture, and Iringa will surely be among them. Due to its nature, beautiful environment, Ruaha National Park, Msembe Airstrip, and many others, Iringa is also one of the best in the tourism sector.

3. Mbeya Tsh 3.78M

People from Mbeya pride themselves in agriculture as the highest quality rice producers. The delicious, aromatic rice from Mbeya can sell for even Tsh 2500 per kilogram.

That is just a tip. Mbeya is the biggest high-value producer of export and cash crops in Tanzania from rice, wheat, maize, cassava, bananas.

Mining, fishing, livestock, and beekeeping are among the few things raising the residents’ economic standards.

4. Ruvuma Tsh 3.396M

Trade and commerce are the main economic activities of the region. Farming is the backbone of Tanzania’s economy, including Ruvuma. However, about 18 types of minerals are extracted in Ruvuma, both metals, and gems, including; Gold, coal, uranium, sapphire.

Other economic activities include fishing for different types of fish, including goldfish and tourism. Tourists could visit Nyerere National Park or Liparamba Game Reserve, the best place to see white Lions in Tanzania.

5. Kilimanjaro Tsh 3.393M

Tourism, agriculture, and business activities are what introduces the region. Most people in Kilimanjaro own businesses or are farmers. Ranching and dairy production are among Kilimanjaro’s most common economic activities.

Cash crops like wheat, beans, maize and coffee are cultivated in the region. Some of the best coffee beans from Kilimanjaro are exported to different parts of the world.

Mount kilimanjaro, Kikuletwa Hotspring, Kinuka mori Waterfalls, Lake Chala, Materuni Waterfalls and many other features bring this region to the top five regions with high per capita income.