Tanzania sets five-year plan to end Malaria endemic

Tanzania sets five-year plan to end Malaria endemic

Tanzania is now banking on support from the USA to end the scourge of Malaria – one of the world’s biggest killer diseases – by 2027.

The new five-year anti-malaria programme to combat malaria infections, both in Tanzania mainland and in Zanzibar,  targets destruction of breeding points for mosquitoes, the vectors that help malaria parasites to spread.

It also targets strengthening of healthcare systems, including readiness to deal with emergency cases.

The programme is based on seed funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

In Zanzibar, a $27 million boost will target the Tanzania Malaria Case Management (TMCM) programme, which falls under the US President’s plan to combat malaria.

The newly launched malaria control project would also help Zanzibar to reduce to its overall malaria prevalence by 2027, then achieve a total zero – malaria as part of the island’s initiatives to improve the welfare of its people. This is then expected to contribute to improved tourism business through a healthy environment.