This is what killed thousands of fish in river Mara

This is what killed thousands of fish in river Mara

Following the massive reported killings of fish in river Mara last week, the Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office Suleiman Jaffo (Union and Environment) formed 11 person team of experts to probe the cause of the fish in the river.

Today, March 19, 2022, the chair of the committee, Prof Samuel Manyele, revealed the results of their investigation that the cause of the fish killings in river Mara is the high concentration of animal dung in the river water, presence of invasive vegetation like weeds that caused water to change colour, bad odour hence low oxygen and fish killings.

Prof Manyele also said that the changes in the river were due to heavy rainfall over a short period this month, thus bringing up residues under the river that were accumulated for a long time.

“If the rainfall had continued, the river’s dirty residue would have washed out from the river system. Because the rain lasted just for a short time, the dirty will be washed out slowly, and this might take a long time, probably up to three months if it does not rain any time soon” – Prof Manyele.

According to Prof Manyele, the effects on the river were discerned from Marasibora village in Royra district and Wagero village in Butiama district; thus, the rumours that Barick North Mara mine is responsible for poisoning the river are fabric.

Prof Mayele said the investigation confirmed the presence of 1.8 million tonnes of cow dung and more than 1.5 billion litres of cow urine in the river, which was contributed by more than 300,000 cows in eight months during summer last year.

While receiving the report, the minister of state in the vice resident’s Office, Suleiman Jaffo, said he expects to receive the report’s final draft detailing recommendations and action plan for implementation in two days.