TRA boss denies to grab citizen’s land in Mwanza

TRA boss denies to grab citizen’s land in Mwanza

Following the surfacing of 39 unconfirmed names, allegedly to be government echelons whom people have claimed to have illegally taken their lands at Isamilo in Mwanza region, the Tanzania Revenues Authority commissioner, Alphayo Kidata, whose name has also been revealed, refutes such allegations against him.

Kidata says he’s caught in awe of his name being amongst the 39 names mentioned, for neither had he wanted nor intended to purchase land in the said area.

However, a leader in Mwanza whose identity remains disclosed said that government leaders, officials and MPs are often given plots without their knowledge.

This tendency happens across most municipalities in Tanzania whenever they have projects to measure and cut plots to sell to citizens, where leaders are given high priority for plots, sometimes without their knowledge, especially on potential plots.

“Sometimes, you may find those who offered plots neither have they visited their plot nor know of owning plot somewhere until we reach them to pay for their plot. Perhaps that could be the cause of the current Isamilo saga”. – the leader said.