Why you should blow all your money in your 20s

Why you should blow all your money in your 20s

Your 20s are the best years of your youth. For most people this is the time they start earning their own money. No longer depending on pocket money and you can at least afford a few items in your bucket list.

So why save the money if you have parties to attend to, friends to spend with, and of course iPhone will release a new version next year, so keep up with the trend. Say hello to the designer shoes, clothes and bags.

You said you will move to a bigger apartment when you have more money, this is the right time. LIVE YOUR DREAMS. Afterall, you don’t have much responsibilities, at least not yet.

Life is short, enjoy it when you can. Either way if you die you die, so here are the reasons why you should chop your money in peace;

1. It is your money.
The fact that you have worked so hard for it, you even worked over time, you have all the rights to spend it, just don’t stress us when it is mid-month and you cannot afford a daladala.

2. You are not picky with the kinda house or car you want.
When you are busy spending in your twenties be sure that you are okay with a house, basically anything as long as you have rooms, a kitchen and a toilet. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all and driving a Vitz in your 40s when your age-mates are driving nice, big cars should not give you heart hurts.

3. Your children will study off community contribution.
When you were busy galavanting in your 20s, hoping from club to club, eating out every day, your friends and classmates who had less salary than you, invested their money and time to building their future and that of their children. They knew the less responsibilities they had, the more savings for their future. So that school bus which was once your dream will also be your children’s dream and nothing but a dream.

4. Vacation is out of the plan.
Either way you have been to a lot of places already, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti at least once in your twenties, so you don’t really have to go there again let us hope. Those who will have partners and children actually they will be allergic to vacations, they will want to stay at home so continue blowing the money, you will start saving when you have a family. Paying bills, putting food on the table, and all your personal needs, can you afford it later?

5. You actually hate freedom with passion
Trust me money cannot but happiness but it can buy you things that will make you happy. Money come with options A-Z, it gives you security that I can afford the lifestyle I want when I want and if I do not feel like having A today I will have N. But you know that already since it is your current lifestyle, later on it will only be in the past and you will work harder to earn enough for you to get some days off work.

As short as it can be, life begins at 40 for those who have worked hard, earned and saved enough money to afford luxuries. But for you who blew it in your 20s, struggles begin at 35.

“We’re not promised tomorrow”, but “when tomorrow comes” imekula kwako.

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