President Samia promises bright future to artisanal miners.

President Samia promises bright future to artisanal miners.

The minister for minerals, Hon Doto Biteko, under President Samia Suluhu, has announced a big favour for small miners all over the country. 

A grace that is going to liberate them in life completely. This step has come after it was seen that the small miners and the entire mining sector had contributed significantly to the national income. 

President Samia Suluhu’s instruction is to see small miners graduate to become medium miners, and then medium miners graduate to become big miners.

How could that be achieved?

First, they will be placed in areas the Government has geographically surveyed and be given mining licenses.

Then the Government will take steps to give them training and education on the particular activity so that they can work profitably.

Through the financial year 2022/23, President Hassan’s Government has allocated Tsh Bil. 83.4/- to promote and empower small miners across the country.

Under President Samia Suluhu 2021/22, the mining sector contributed 7.3% to the National GDP, compared to 2020/21, which contributed 6.5%. 

The goal of President Samia’s Government is mining sector to contribute 10% of the National GDP by 2025.

In this financial year, 2022/23, the Government expects to collect Tsh 894bn/- from the mining sector, whereas, in 2021/22, the Government collected Tsh Bil 696.4bn/-. The increase in the collection was targeted by 22.2%.